Alleged Office Urinator Turns Himself In, After Identified In Surveillance Video

Raymond Foley office urinatorMany workers don't like the idea of their employer installing surveillance cameras in the office. But at the West Des Moines Farm Bureau, some may be very relieved.

Raymond Foley (pictured), a 59-year-old IT employee at the financial services company, allegedly had a secret habit of looking at photos in the employee database to pick out the most attractive females. And then after work, the Iowa man purportedly went to their desks to urinate on their chairs.

Last October, bureau workers began noticing the mysterious stains on their chairs; in February, surveillance cameras were installed, and authorities said that Foley's secret was then uncovered. He was fired on March 26. Over the weekend he turned himself in to the West Des Moines Police Department to face second-degree criminal mischief charges.

"I was doing inappropriate things I shouldn't be doing," Foley admitted during his exit interview with the Farm Bureau, according to a report by the Smoking Gun.

The police suspect a total of 10 chairs received the the urinal treatment. But another two or three off-camera may have suffered a similar fate, the department said. In total, the value of the damaged chairs was estimated at $4,500, according to The Associated Press.

According to a report in Home Channel News, employers in 13 states are prohibited from placing cameras in private areas of offices, such as bathrooms, locker rooms or changing areas.
And before a video is used as the basis for disciplinary action, the employer must give the worker a chance to explain his or her behavior.

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