Google+ Hangouts embrace the inevitable, gets into social games

Scoot & Doodle Google Hangouts
Scoot & Doodle Google Hangouts

Are these the "truly social" social games that players and critics clamor for? Google has unleashed an interesting to the Hangouts portion of its new social network, Google+. Now in addition to voice and video chat, people in Hangouts can play games together, like Aces Hangout and Scoot & Doodle. In both games, players interact in real time via webcam.

Direct, one-to-one (or eight) communication solidified by a game experience--we'd say that's enough qualification for a truly social game. (Or the term will simply continue to refer to the networks on which the games appear so as to avoid criticism.) Anyway, Aces Hangout is simply a social, multiplayer version of the game of Aces. Scoot & Doodle, on the other hand, looks like a Draw Something-esque doodle-sharing game.

The games look like an effort to get Google+ users even more engaged with the service's unique Hangouts feature. But Google could have a perhaps unearthed a potentially unintended (though we doubt it) effect. Frankly, this could be a place for social game makers to innovate and maybe even spur real-time multiplayer social games along. Who wants to bet on how long it takes for Zynga Poker to hit Hangouts?


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