FarmVille Pic of the Day: Quackers gets some playtime on MissQuark's farm

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If you're a duck fan, you'll love today's farm. One of FarmVille's better known mascots, Quackers, has been given the spotlight by MissQuark on her farm to play with all her decor pieces. Quackers is normally seen wearing a top hat in graphics announcing the FarmVille Mystery Game and Mystery Box. MissQuark has omitted the top hat, but given that's somehow his work uniform, that's understandable. As for how he was made, I'm counting nine different colors of hay bale, and for a background, she's surrounded him with black and white hay bale stars.

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This particular farm has also been voted one of Zynga's favorites; it's the first fan art listed on their Inspiration page.

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