CityVille: Zynga finally takes the hint and releases more item storage


's biggest (and longest-standing issue) has arguably been the lack of land space available to growing towns, and the lack of storage space available for users that wish to store decorations or other items for later use. We've received a storage Warehouse, but of course its limited capacity could only go so far. That leaves users with some items in storage, but even more that are still cluttering up their city streets. Finally addressing this issue (although in no way permanently solving it), Zynga has released an upgrade to CityVille's maximum item storage capacity for all users: 150 slots in total. Of course, nothing this convenient is ever free, so you'll have to work for it first.

You'll unlock the increase to 150 storage slots via a new goal in the game (again, this goal will roll out to all users in the near future, regardless of level, but you'll need to be at least Level 31 to actually complete it). The goal, Maximum Storage, asks you to complete three tasks, one of which requires you to have constructed an airport in your town:

  • Ask for 25 Markers

  • Collect 30 Suitcases

  • Unload 30 Caribbean Cruise Ships

The Markers, of course, come from asking friends to send them to you, while the Suitcases can be found at random when collecting from Passenger Planes in your city's airport. You'll need to have built the separate Passenger Terminal in order to send out Passenger Planes, so make sure to increase your priority on building that particular item if storage is an issue in your town.

Once you've completed this goal, your storage Warehouse will automatically update to its new capacity of 150 items. You'll also find that the storage menu has been revamped, allowing you to view items based on their categories: businesses, homes, decorations, community buildings and so on. This is similar to the general inventory upgrades that (in theory) have also rolled out to all users, but unfortunately a search function isn't available as of this writing. We'll make sure to let you know if further increases to storage release in the future, so stay tuned!

Are you excited to have a storage capacity of 150 items in CityVille, or will you run through that all too quickly as well? Sound off in the comments.