CityVille: Unlock the Tinsel Talent Agency and let your stars shine

While we've seen plenty of exclusive items released in CityVille over the past few months that require you to expand your land out to reach them, perhaps none are as... unique as the Tinsel Talent Agency which has now spawned in our cities. What makes this particular skyscraper unique? One look at it in your town will tell the tale: it spins!

To go along with unlocking the Tinsel Talent Agency, you can also complete a new goal called Coming Full Circle:

  • Expand to Tinsel Talent Agency

  • Ask friends for 20 Gold Ribbons

  • Collect from Level 3 City Works three times

The Gold Ribbons are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a general news item on your wall. While you're waiting for those to arrive, you can work on expanding out to the Tinsel Talent Agency, which may be in a different location in each player's city, depending on how far you've already expanded your town on your own. You'll need to reach it in the same way as you expand normally, by collecting Zoning Permits and adding additional population to your town.

Once you've reached the Tinsel Talent Agency, you can move the item around your town at will, or you can leave it in its current expansion. For completing the overall Coming Full Circle goal, you'll receive a single free Zoning Permit. There's no time limit on completing this goal just yet, but if history tells us anything, a timer will likely appear within the next week. That likely being the case, make sure to try your hand at reaching the Tinsel Talent Agency as soon as you can, while you still can. Good luck!

What do you think of this spinning skyscraper in CityVille? Will you take the extra time to expand out to it, or does the novelty of its animation do nothing for you? Sound off in the comments.