Buy a Home for the Price of an Average Car

A house for the same price as a car
A house for the same price as a car

A house for the price of an SUV? That's plausible, given the dip in housing. But a home for the price of a Ford Fiesta?

Whoa. Now there's a value-bending proposition.

While most people don't think of real estate in prices relative to that of a car, there are houses in some parts of the United States that are for sale with listing prices just like what you'd see at an auto dealership.

And we're not talking about a house priced at the median home value of $150,000, which is akin to the sticker price of an Aston Martin. The homes featured below compare more favorably to standard highway fare: Nissans, Hondas, Fords, etc.

Some of these properties are distressed sales -- either foreclosed or in the midst of a short sale -- and some need a little renovation, but that's still a pretty impressive deal given that they're all comparable to the price of a new car.

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