Temple Run to traverse new environments, 'every possible device'

Temple Run iPhone Android
Temple Run iPhone Android

The success of Temple Run has not gone unnoticed even by people who you'd think wouldn't have time for such things. Creator Imangi Studios knows this, and wants to keep the hype machine at full steam ahead. During an interview with Pocket Gamer, Imangi's Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova revealed what they're thinking of sending Temple Run's way next.

"We're working on adding more objectives, characters and powerups. We're also working on an update for the new iPad, with high resolution art," Imangi told Pocket Gamer. "Lots of people also want to see new environments, which is a much bigger deal because the whole game was skinned around the temple - the menus, fonts, end game cartoons, etc."

That said, the developer admitted that it's trying to work out a way that makes sense to bring new environments to Temple Run. The studio also wants to see Temple Run on every possible device, starting with its recent Android release and beyond. What else comes to Temple Run, however, will be up to you in one way or another.

"We get a ton of ideas and suggestions from fans, but we mostly look for patterns and trends in what people want and like," Imangi told Pocket Gamer. "For example, people talk about the objectives a lot - which ones they achieved, which ones they're working on--so we know it's something people enjoy a lot."

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