Solitaire + Friends proves you can make just about anything social

While iPhone is home to plenty of classic board games that have been given the social twist (see: Words with Friends, Checkers with Buddies or Poker Pals, as examples), there's one game that I thought would long remain a single-player experience: Solitaire. Apparently not, as inXile Entertainment has turned this inherently single-player experience social via Solitaire + Friends on iOS.

At its core, Solitaire + Friends still offers a solitary experience, as you'll be able to complete the standard Klondike version of solitaire time and time again at your leisure. The game's social features arrive after you've completed a game (either through actually winning the game or simply running out of moves), as you can send your exact deck and initial setup to another player for them to beat your high score and time. You can login to the game via Game Center, Facebook or through a proprietary account system, and can even send your game to a random opponent if your friends have yet to pick this one up.

As it stands, the base solitaire mode of Solitaire + Friends is a basic version of Klondike, with a few customization options and an intuitive "swipe" ability that allows you to simply swipe a card in the direction it needs to go, rather than dragging each individual card in a slower process. The social features are fairly shallow, but it's an interesting addition to a game that is the farthest thing from social. You can try out this social take on Solitaire for free by downloading the game on your iPhone or iPad on iTunes.

Click here to download Solitaire + Friends from iTunes --->

Have you tried Solitaire + Friends on iOS? What do you think of this attempt to make solitaire a social gameplay experience? Sound off in the comments.

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