Pioneer Trail Panicking Panthers: Everything you need to know

While your avatar has been able to ride on horses in Pioneer Trail for quite some time now, we all know doing that is "so last week." That's why Zynga has released two new rideable animals for you to show off with: a Panther and Stag. Of course, these aren't simple new additions the game's store, as you'll need to actually earn them first. There are new goals to complete in this Panicking Panthers feature, so let's get started.

Wet Panthers

  • Tend 15 Blazing Star

  • Craft 4 Rescue Supplies

  • Care for the Mama Panther 5 Times

The Rescue Supplies are crafted in a complex process, requiring you to first craft Rescue Blankets using Coarse Wool and Wax Coating (both of these items can be earned by asking friends to send them to you). When you've crafted a single Rescue Blanket, you can combined that with four Emergency Rations (another item your friends can send you) to create a single Rescue Supplies kit. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 450 XP, 400 coins and two Sandbags. These are a new decorative item for your Homestead.

Goal 2

  • Chop Willow Trees 35 Times

  • Collect 10 Large Floodbags

  • Fully Heal the Mama Panther

To fully heal mama Panther, you'll need to help her five more times, for a grand total of 10 times. You'll receive 950 XP, 800 coins and two All You Can Eat meals for finishing this second goal.

Cub Your Enthusiasm

  • Collect 10 Animal Thermometers

  • Craft 5 Animal Care Kits

  • Care for Baby Panthers 7 Times

To care for these Panthers, you'll need to have at least two individual babies on your Homestead. As for the Animal Care Kits, these are another complex crafting project, as you'll need to use Blackberry Roots and Panther Butters (earned from friends) to create Panther Pills, and then use those Panther Pills and more Rescue Supplies (from the above goals) to finally create a single Animal Care Kit. Needless to say, this is a more complex goal than the first crafting goal, so don't expect to finish it quickly. When you do finish this goal, however, you'll receive 1,025 XP, 1,200 coins and a Flood Puddle.

At this point, the Panther will end up being available to ride on your Homestead.

2 Cubs in the Hand

  • Collect 50 Raw Bacon

  • Collect 15 Panther Chow

  • Fully Heal both Panther Cubs

The Raw Bacon is dropped at random when you sell pigs. In order to have a better chance at receiving it, you'll want to sell adult pigs, as the older the pig is, the greater the chance that it will drop Raw Bacon when sold. After finishing this goal, you'll receive 1,200 XP, 1,400 coins and the White Lion.

While this takes care of the Panther as a rideable animal, you'll be able to earn a Stag by chopping down Pine or Willow trees. A Stag will appear at random, so you might have to chop down quite a few trees before actually receiving one. On top of all of this, you can finish a new Panther collection by tending to your new animals to to receive 300 XP and a Skull for turning it in.

There doesn't appear to be a time limit on finishing these goals, so feel free to finish off some other events or projects in the game if you'd like to catch up a bit before diving into this. Good luck unlocking these two mounts!

Do you like the idea of a Panther or Stag mount better? Have you started working on these goals on your Homestead yet? How far have you made it? Sound off in the comments.