FarmVille Mystery Game (04/01/12): Prehistoric animals are no April Fool's Joke

Just as the FarmVille marketplace has been updated this evening with a slew of new Prehistoric themed items, so too can you throw some darts at the game's updated Mystery Game to have a chance at some truly "old" items. April Fool's Day or not, these animals aren't a joke, as you're set to add some living fossils to your virtual farms.

This week's Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash per dart to play, but remember to check your gift box for any leftover free Mystery Darts from past promotions or Zynga Game Card redemptions. If you decide to play this week's game, you'll have a chance at one of six dinosaurs with each balloon you pop. Here's the complete lineup:


As usual, if you can win at least one of each of these six dinosaurs, you'll also walk away with a special seventh prize for free: the Allosaurus. Unfortunately, duplicates of these six animals is definitely possible along the way, making this a much more costly endeavor than it might initially appear (unless you're incredibly lucky and score a different dinosaur with each of your first six darts). If the happens, could you pass some of your luck my way?

What do you think of this week's lineup of prizes in the FarmVille Mystery Game? Sound off in the comments.