Diamond Dash on iOS crushes 11 million-download milestone

Diamond Dash iPhone iPad
Diamond Dash iPhone iPad

The surprise big time player in social games is wooga, the German developer behind games like Bubble Island and Diamond Dash. While wooga is the second largest social game maker in terms of daily players on Facebook, the developer has also carved quite the niche for itself on iOS. In just four months since release, Diamond Dash has seen over 11 million downloads.

VentureBeat reports that wooga is the largest social game developer in Europe, and that Diamond Dash on mobile devices sees a healthy amount of Facebook logins. According to wooga, 64 percent of players use the Facebook Connect features of Diamond Dash. Plus, those players are reportedly eight times more likely to spend money than those who aren't logged in.

The developer has even broke down their downloads by device: More than 100,000 players are using the new iPad (which the game was updated for) and the iPhones account for 51 percent of downloads. The iPad line eeked out 13 percent of the download share. So, Diamond Dash has been downloaded a helluva times. With numbers like this, we wouldn't be surprised to see more on iPhone where this gem came from. Oh yeah, it's also in the lead in this year's March Madness as of this writing.

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