Apple will deliver on what iOS gamers want: a game controller [Report]

Apple Bandai Pippin Controller
Apple Bandai Pippin Controller

If there's one thing that detractors of touch gaming successfully lobby against the craft, it's controls. Touch-based controls can only take games on mobile devices so far. It's going to take one helluva innovation to bring touch-based controls even close to the accuracy and complexity console-grade games demand. Apple knows this, and it's reportedly about to act on that fact.

Apple Insider reports that Apple has its own proprietary game controller in the works for iOS devices. During a review of the new iPad, AnandTech writer Anand Lal Shimpi wrote that he has learned of "an internal Apple project to bring a physical controller to market," but that his nameless sources can't determine whether the product will actually make it to market.

Regardless of whether Apple is working on its own game controller, Lal Shimpi suggests that such devices will only become commonplace for "hardcore" mobile gamers. Of course, there's also the fact that Google's Android operating system has supported basic wired and wireless controllers for nearly a year now.

It's no secret that Apple has at least mild interest in pursuing and supporting iOS games. Device launches from Apple make a point of including games somehow, from updating its Game Center to having game executives debut new games at the events. Apple's two largest competitors--Sony and Nintendo--have controller-based mobile games. It only makes sense for Apple to step up for its audience.

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