CityVille Downtown goes on sale, receive free business with purchase

Last week, CityVille Downtown appeared on the outskirts of our towns, like a bright beacon in the distance just tempting us to come closer. To do so, we'd have to fork over 150 City Cash, until Zynga decides to let everyone in for free. Apparently, not many players are actually paying that high price, as the folks at Zynga have placed early access to CityVille Downtown on sale (apparently permanently).

Now, you can get into CityVille Downtown for 90 City Cash, which is an overall savings of 60 City Cash, for those keeping track. If you decide that that's an acceptable price for you, you'll also receive an exclusive Downtown Founder's premium business when you unlock the new expansion. This business will apparently only ever be available to those who unlock CityVille Downtown early, so it will definitely be a sort of status symbol in the future, if that helps sway your decision. Just remember, you'll need to have an active Factory producing Premium Goods in order to actually keep this business in operation.

While there's still no word on when CityVille Downtown will become free for the masses, we'll make sure to keep an eye on the expansion's unlock price, and will let you know if this ever truly becomes a "bargain." Stay tuned.

Will you now unlock CityVille Downtown for 90 City Cash, or is that still too high a price to pay for this new expansion? Sound off in the comments.
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