FarmVille: Adopt your free Spotted Pink Skunk before it's too late!

Adding a bit of whimsy to FarmVille this week is a new lonely animal in the form of the Spotted Pink Skunk. Forget white and black, as this one is black and pink (and quite cute too, I must say). Luckily, at least one of these Skunks will be available to all users absolutely free, so long as they put forth a little effort to complete this lonely animal event.

As you might have guessed, to lure this Spotted Pink Skunk into your farm, you'll need to ask five individual friends to come and help you coax the little fella in. You can purchase this help with Farm Cash if you'd rather not bug your neighbors, but either way, you'll need to make your decision within three days, as the Skunk won't be around forever.

It's exciting to see the lonely animal feature updated with new or otherwise interesting animals, rather than the same copy-and-pastes of weeks and months past. Hopefully, this is a trend that continues into the future, and you can be sure we'll let you know if that's the case!

Have you already earned your free Spotted Pink Skunk on your farm, or has this lonely yet to roll around to you? Sound off in the comments.