FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Chapter 4 Goals: Everything you need to know

As Chapter 3 of FarmVille's Hawaiian Paradise saga is wrapping up, why don't we go ahead and skip ahead to Chapter 4, which will likely launch early in next week? According to the folks at FVNation, Chapter 4 in the storyline will have 12 goals to complete, with many dealing with crafting recipes and crops, as you might expect. While it's entirely possible that some of these goals and their prizes will change before they're officially launched in the game, here's a quick preview of what will most likely come next week.

Goal 1
  • Ask for 4 Kiawe Logs
  • Complete Hawaiian Aviary
  • Craft 4 Poi

Rewards: 125 XP, Red Masked Parakeet, 1,000 Coconuts

Goal 2
  • Ask for 6 Conch Shells
  • Harvest 25 Mussels
  • Harvest Red Masked Parakeet

Rewards: 150 XP, Coconut Guillotine, 1,000 Coconuts

Goal 3
  • Ask for 8 Hula Skirts
  • Harvest 65 Lilikoi
  • Craft 4 Mussel Pokes

Rewards: 175 XP, Tiki Tree, 1,000 Coconuts

Goal 4
  • Ask for 8 Luau Invitations
  • Harvest 75 Taro
  • Harvest 45 Oysters

Rewards: 200 XP, 'I'iwi Bird, 1,000 Coconuts

Goal 5
  • Ask for 8 Aloha Shirts
  • Harvest 80 Kona Coffee
  • Harvest 'I'iwi Bird

Rewards: 225 XP, Surfer Bungalow, 1,000 Coocnuts

Goal 6
  • Ask for 8 Snappy Hats
  • Harvest 80 Yellow Hibiscus
  • Craft 4 Coffee & Cream

Rewards: 250 XP, Giant Water Hyacinth, 1,000 Coconuts

Goal 7
  • Ask for 8 Bowls of Nuts
  • Harvest 85 Lilikoi
  • Harvest 60 Shrimp

Rewards: 275 XP, Island Idol Fireplace, 1,000 Coconuts

Goal 8
  • Ask for 8 Bongo Drums
  • Harvest 110 Doulbe Pikake
  • Craft 4 Plantation Iced Tea

Rewards: 300 XP, Coconut Punch Tree, 1,500 Coconuts

Goal 9
  • Ask for 9 Parrot Treats
  • Harvest 120 Hilo Pineapple
  • Harvest Coconut Punch Tree

Rewards: 325 XP, Tiki Mask, 2,000 Coconuts

Goal 10
  • Ask for 9 Hurricane Glasses
  • Expand Volcano Reef to Level 6
  • Craft 4 Pineapple Hash

Rewards: 350 XP, Tiki Lounge Table, 2,500 Coconuts

Goal 11
  • Ask for 10 Swizzle Sticks
  • Harvest 140 Hawaiian Ginger
  • Harvest 90 Ono

Rewards: 375 XP, Red Crested Cardinal, 5,000 Coconuts

Goal 12
  • Ask for 12 Lava Bowls
  • Craft 2 Island Fried Rice
  • Craft 3 Island Punch

Rewards: 500 XP, Cruise Ship, 10,000 Coconuts

Most likely, these goals will come with a two week time limit, but since the crop requirements are likely to remain constant between now and then, make sure to start planning ahead and figuring out when you'll craft specific items or plant certain crops so that you'll have the best chance of finishing all 12 of these goals in time! Good luck!

[Via FVNation]

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What do you think of these upcoming Hawaiian Paradise goals? Do you think they'll be the most difficult ones to complete yet, or will you breeze on through them? Sound off in the comments.
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