The Sims Social's 'The Search for the Holy Snail': How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Medieval Week
Hark, The Sims Social player, thy time has come to Medieval Week in Playfish's top social game. Fine, enough with the accent, but we do bring gifts of knowledge. Knowledge of this week's themed quest, "The Search for the Holy Snail," that is. (Has John Cleese been contacted about this?)

Anyway, you're going to need eight friends (six of which are actively clicking feeds), an Athletic Skill item, a Computer or Bookcase and two dirty items to succeed. Plus, you'll need at least 598 Simoleons, 2,080 Social Points. Your reward for finishing this daunting--and likely epic--quest is the M'Lord's Coat of Arms, an item needed to get Leopold's Lute later. Onward!
The Sims Social broomThe Sims Social Alchemist's TableThe Sims Social Leopold's Lute
The Search for the Holy Snail Part 1
  • Research Knights of the Triangular Table
  • Ask 4 Sims about Hamalot

First, click computers or bookcases and choose "Research Knights," which can be done on any computer or bookcase. While you're at it, click your friends' Sims and choose the "Heard of Hamalot?" option. You'll earn 20 Lifetime Points, 20 Simoleons and 15 XP.

The Search for the Holy Snail Part 2
  • Get Inspired!
  • Investigate 2 dirty items
  • Clean 2 dirty items

To get inspired, just fulfill your Sim's needs until their glowing green. (You'll then know when Inspiration happens.) Click dirty items at home or friend's house and choose "Investigate" to finish the second task. Then click them and choose the "Clean" option to finish this quest. A cool 20 Lifetime Points, 20 Simoleons and 30 XP await you.

The Sims Social OrbThe Search for the Holy Snail Part 3
  • Grow and Harvest 10 Strawberries
  • Grow and Harvest 2 Watermelons
  • Check 2 garden plots for snails

Strawberries take 5 minutes to mature and will cost a total of 440 Simoleons. To grow and harvest two Watermelons, you'll need to wait 12 hours for them to mature and at least 158 Simoleons. In the meantime, you can visit a neighbor's house, click plots and choose the "Look for Snails" option. For this, you'll score 25 Lifetime Points, 30 Simoleons and 30 XP.

The Search for the Holy Snail Part 4
  • Earn 1,000 Simoleons by doing athletic skill activities
  • Have the M'Lord's Throne Golden Toilet
  • Beat Bella's Personal Best At Archery

You can use any Athletic Skill item to earn the money for the first requirement. The M'Lords Throne Golden Toilet is in the "Specials" and "Bathroom" sections of the Store for 1,090 Social Points. Next, visit Bella's house, click the Archery Range and choose "Beat Bella's Personal Best." This may take several tries to complete. Expect to earn 30 Lifetime Points, 20 Simoleons and 30 XP.
The Sims Social Great Dragon Tower
The Search for the Holy Snail Part 5
  • Have the Magic Ball Medieval Edition
  • Test the Magic Ball Medieval Edition by asking it questions! (10x)
  • Get 6 friends to make a magic circle to find the holy snail!

First, buy item in the "Specials" section of the Store for 990 Social Points. (Be sure to check whether Bella has one before you buy.) Then, click the item and ask questions 10 times. Finally, your six friends must respond to a story posted to your news feed. Enjoy the 30 Lifetime Points, 30 Simoleons and 25 XP for finishing this quest.

The Search for the Holy Snail Part 6
  • Investigate 6 Snails in gardens
  • Investigate Bella's Dragon (6x)
  • Perform Strip Search on 8 Sims

Click on Snails that appear in your yard or friends' yards to complete this task. Then, visit Bella's The Great Dragon Tower and choose "Investigate" on the scaly beast. Finally you must click eight of your friends' Sims and choose "Strip Search" ... for what reason. The Coat of Arms and 50 Lifetime Points are yours.

[Source: The Sims Social Wikia]

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