Team Gale, Team Peeta--who cares in The Hunger Games Adventures?

The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook
The Hunger Games Adventures Facebook

The game lives, and it doesn't care whether you like bread or coal. Funtactix has finally launched The Hunger Games Adventures on Facebook, just like it said it would two days ago. Now, anyone and everyone from Peeta fans to Gale-admirers and Katniss-lovers can get a different look at Panem. The developer even explained what took so dang long ... sort of.

"The launch is the culmination of a series of fans-first promotions that have spread over the last several weeks. Owners of Hunger Games fan sites were the first to ever see the game, followed by their faithful readers and contributors," Funtactix said in a release. "The next week, over 100,000 fans were invited to join the game to celebrate the launch of the film in theaters on the 23rd."

This week, the game has already been updated with "Rue's Lullaby," Sting's new track from the official movie soundtrack along with a new exclusive film clip. Of course the studio plans to revisit Panem with continuous updates to The Hunger Games Adventures. For now, just check out the game and tell us what you think of the first-ever map of Panem.

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