Hidden Chronicles A Basket Case Part 1: Everything you need to know


Apparently, the three-part "A Secret Past" feature in Hidden Chronicles went over really well, as the folks at Zynga have released another fractured quest series within the game in time for the change to Spring. This feature is called "A Basket Case" (or Spring Fling) and it has you investigating an old wicker basket for any secrets the item might contain (on behalf of a new character named Isabelle). As of right now, there are only five quests available to complete in this series, comprising the entirety of "Part 1" within the game. Here's a guide to finishing these quests off so that you can then start to patiently (or perhaps not so patiently) wait for future releases in the feature!

A Basket Case Part 1: 1 of 5

  • Hide 3 Spring Eggs

  • Get 6 Pinwheels

  • Place Play House

The Spring Eggs are available to place as you would place a Secret Package when visiting friends. Just make sure to choose the "Spring Egg" to hide when you click on the Hide a Secret Package button, as seen below.

Meanwhile, the Play House costs 1,750 coins to purchase in the store. It will earn 340 Estate Points for your Manor when its completely built. Finally, the Pinwheels are earned through individual requests sent to your friends. For finishing this quest, you'll earn 160 coins and 35 XP.

A Basket Case Part 1: 2 of 5

  • Get 3 Jelly Beans

  • Play 3 Scenes

  • Play 2 Games of FastFind

These can be any three scenes, or the same scene three times in a row. You'll earn the Jelly Beans via a general news item on your wall. For completing this second quest, you'll earn 170 coins and 35 XP.

A Basket Case Part 1: 3 of 5

  • Get 4 Chocolate Bunnies

  • Collect 7 Bubbles

  • Hide 4 Spring Eggs

Both the Bubbles and Chocolate Bunnies are earned via the help of friends. Specifically, the Chocolate Bunnies come from a wall post, while the Bubbles are earned via individual friend requests. You'll receive 180 coins for finishing this quest.

A Basket Cask Part 1: 4 of 5

  • Get 7 Tomato Seeds

  • Find 2 Spring Eggs or Hidden Packages on your own Estate

  • Complete the Play House

The Tomato Seeds come from individual requests to friends. The Spring Eggs or Hidden Packages are entirely up to your friends, as they must visit your Manor and place them manually.

Finally, the Play House is an item collection building process, requiring you to collect four each of Decorative Daisies and Door Pivots (both of which are earned through general news posts), along with five each of Duct Tape, Plastic Roof Tiles and Plastic Window Arches. These three items are earned via individual requests sent out to your friends. When you complete this quest, you'll receive the first exclusive scene in this limited edition feature: The Candy Shop.

A Basket Case - Part 1: 5 of 5

  • Play Candy Shop Scene

  • Earn 2 Trophies in Candy Shop Scene

  • Place 2 Decorations

These decorations can be anything, regardless of the size or price, so pick a few cheap items to finish this quest easier. When you complete this final quest, you'll hit the current dead-end for the Basket Case series, but we'll make sure to bring you a look at Part 2 just as soon as it becomes available in the game (likely early next week). Good luck completing Part 1 in time!

What do you think of this Basket Case feature in Hidden Chronicles? Will you skip completing other features just to finish these Easter/Spring quests in time? Sound off in the comments.