CityVille Solar Mall: Save energy and space for your businesses


While Malls have been around in CityVille for some time now, they only really help you save space in your land and little else. That is, if you want to collect your profits from these businesses, you'll still need to spend one energy per individual business within your Mall, and you'll still need to use mass quantities of Goods to put them back in operation. Making this situation a bit better is the new Solar Mall, which is available for users that have reached at least Level 20 in the game.

A Solar Mall is given to you for free via an associated goal. Its base requires 10 energy to build, and from there you must complete the same basic steps that you'd expect from a regular Mall to complete its construction. For the first level of the Solar Mall, for instance, you'll need to collect 25 parts in total:

  • 5 Light Bulbs

  • 5 Solar Panels

  • 5 Compost Bins

  • 5 Shopping Bags

  • 5 Bike Racks

You'll earn these items by asking friends to send them to you via general news posts or individual requests. You can also purchase them with City Cash if you'd rather not bug your buddies. Either way, once you've constructed the first floor of your Solar Mall, you'll need to then ask friends to be staff members within it. You'll be given two storage slots for free on this first floor, with the Solar Mall being able to store most any regular business within your town. You'll complete the same sets of steps to expand to Floors 2 and 3 in your Solar Mall, so nothing has really changed there.

Where this Solar Mall becomes really special is in its energy saving design. Each time you collect the profits from your Solar Mall, you'll save one or more energy depending on the Mall's upgrades and how many businesses it currently contains. Unfortunately, you can only build one Solar Mall in your city as of this writing (the one that comes with the Solar Mall goal), but it's always possible that more will be released in the future if this goes over well with the community. We'll make sure to let you know if that ends up being the case.

What do you think of the Solar Mall in CityVille? Is it worth going through another lengthy construction process just to save a few energy? Sound off in the comments.