CityVille Grand Canyon: Everything you need to know


One of the world's natural wonders, the Grand Canyon, is now available to build in your very own CityVille town, in a much scaled-down version, of course. The Grand Canyon "building" is now available to place for free via an associated goal, and the structure takes up a size similar to that of a larger neighborhood.

The base of the Grand Canyon requires ten energy to complete, and from there, you'll need to collect various kinds of stone as the item's building materials.

  • 8 Hermit Shale

  • 8 Redwall Stone

  • 8 Sandstone

  • 8 Angel Shale

  • 8 Kaibab Stone

Building the Grand Canyon is necessary to complete the "Yes We Can!" goal, which also asks you to collect from five Passenger Planes at your city's airport, and collect from eight different Cruise Ships, regardless of their destinations. For completing this particular goal, you'll receive five energy and 50,000 coins as your prizes.

It's interesting that this particular "Wonder" has been given such a light celebration in the game, as others (like the Egyptian Pyramids) were much more complex ordeals to complete. That being said, I definitely appreciate the break in the difficulty level, don't you?

Will you build a Grand Canyon in your CityVille town, or are you working on completing other existing Wonders in the game first? Let us know in the comments.