Make s'mores and tell campfire stories in Animal Academy: Summer Camp on iOS

While we may have just made our way into Spring, the folks at Iugo Entertainment are already looking ahead to Summer with the release of a new title in the popular Animal Academy series: Animal Academy: Summer Camp on iPhone and iPad. Where the original game allowed you to build a fun school for all sorts of critters, both large and small, Summer Camp takes the fun outdoors and asks you to build an assortment of traditional and unique camping activities for the game's friendly critters.

You'll build stations like Archery Practice, Berry Picking and Landscape Finger Painting, with each of these stations taking different amounts of time to "complete," or offer up their profits. You'll need to use Apples (energy) to recharge these stations as the camp counselors become tired, and you'll unlock new species of animals as you build additional stations. These stations themselves take time to build, but you can use S'mores, the game's premium currency to speed this process up.

To increase the potential length of any one gameplay session, you'll frequently be asked questions by your camp's staff or critters, with some of these being basic trivia questions. Others tend to have right or wrong answers in terms of being kind to the animal that asked them. You'll earn popularity points for your camp if you help these critters out (or perhaps bundles of coins for answering trivia questions correctly).

Over time, you'll be able to expand your campground to hold more individual activities, and will eventually unlock access to the water and dock area as you level up. In terms of social features, each player is assigned a unique code that must be swapped with others and entered manually to add friends. You'll earn bonus friends by having tons of friends in your game at once, so make sure to make a note of this code and pass it along to any other players you meet.


In addition, once you reach Level 5, you'll unlock the competition feature, allowing your campers to automatically enter into "competitions" with other camps. Again, this is all an automatic process (whether or not that's a good thing will be up to you), but when these competitions are over (win or lose), you'll walk away with some coins, experience points and Apples for your time.

Overall, Animal Academy: Summer Camp is a fairly basic free-to-play social game, but it comes with cute, charming graphics and a theme that hasn't been overdone on the App Store (that alone makes it worth a look). It's unfortunate the game doesn't employ an easier-to-use friend connection system, but as it stands, Summer Camp is a pretty fun time around the campfire.

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Have you tried the original Animal Academy, or this new Summer Camp installment? What do you think of either game? Sound off in the comments.

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