Zynga founder's chances of getting into the TIME 100 don't look so hot

Mark Pincus Zynga CEO
Mark Pincus Zynga CEO

TIME Magazine's annual TIME 100 recognizes the year's 100 most influential people for various reasons. Surprisingly enough, given our culture, game designers are frequently mentioned in the list. This year, however, it features not a game designer, but a game company owner: Mark Pincus, CEO and founder of Zynga. (Well, BioShock designer Ken Levine is featured, too.)

The two are basically the exact opposite when it comes to roles and goals in the gaming world. One is interested in seeing how many people he can get into games, no matter the cost, while the other is interested in creating games with profound effect. However, they might be more alike than you think. For one, they're both perfectionists, extremely dedicated to their mission no matter how much they differ.

Thing is, unfortunately, Pincus gets more a bad rap than a good one, and it shows in his current standing in the 2012 TIME 100 Poll. As of this writing, over 73 percent of voters think there's no way Pincus should be included in the list. Levine, on the other hand, has a whopping 85 percent of voters sitting in the "Definitely" camp. It's hard to say exactly why this is, in Pincus's case, but perhaps more people agree with folks like Shay Pierce than we think. You have until April 6 to vote.

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