Speed Racer: The Beginning dials the odometer back on iPhone, iPad

Speed Racer The Beginning iPhone iPad
Speed Racer The Beginning iPhone iPad

Please, oh please keep the terribly out-of-sync voiceovers intact? This is certainly not the first time a Speed Racer game has been made, but it could be the first time in a while that it was done right. But that's up to Social Games International which announced Speed Racer: The Beginning will be available for iPhone and iPad come this April.

As the title alludes, this mobile version of Speed Racer explores the early years of the 1960s anime series that arguably got the U.S. hooked on anime well into today. The Beginning sends players behind the wheel of the famous Mach 5 in a side-scrolling racing action game that promises to embody classic Speed Racer from its visuals to its sounds. (In other words, get ready for one big nostalgia bomb.)

Players will have to outrun enemy racers as they learn to avoid rough terrain, oil slicks, falling rocks, treacherous gaps and more. Of course, players will also get to customize the Mach 5 with various parts. (The game will even feature clips from the classic series.) No pricing has been announced yet, so a free-to-play release is still a possibility, one the many developers opt for with retro-themed mobile games. But seriously, keep the old, terribly-dubbed voiceovers--they're accurate and hilarious.

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