Shannon Tweed battles groupies in a Plants vs Zombies clone on iOS

In news that's too bizarre to be make-believe, Shannon Tweed (most recently of Gene Simmons Family Jewels fame) has received her own iPhone and iPad game with the help of Gogii Games. What's more, the game is an odd take on Plants vs Zombies that sees Ms. Tweed fighting off hoards of groupies at a concert. The game? Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies.

We should say right off the bat that this isn't a free game, and that the iPhone and iPad apps are separate (meaning that's two individual purchases if you really fall in love with the game). However, there is a free version available of each, which is more than worth the time it takes to download, if only for the absurdity of what you're about to experience.

The story mode sees Shannon becoming a super hero of sorts, fighting off the groupies through six chapters, each of which contains multiple levels of groupie-bashing excitement. Gameplay asks you to stop the groupies from getting backstage by placing money trees that will continually generate more money for your cause, and then supporting those with weapons. In keeping with the Plants vs. Zombies reference, the Money Trees are your Sunflowers, and the weaponry are your plants.

In any one level, you can expect to have 1- 6 rows to defend from the groupies, and you'll be able to bring in only a selection of your overall weaponry in on each. That's all fairly standard stuff if you're familiar with the PvZ gameplay mechanics. Adding to this is the ability to use Roadies to upgrade your weapons' strength. Throughout it all, you'll have voice clips from Shannon talking about how great or powerful of a person she is, along with sarcastic quips about the groupies themselves.

Surprisingly, the gameplay in Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies is fairly solid. That being said, it's also a standard copy-and-paste job of Plants vs Zombies and might be just a bit too bizarre for most gamers to handle. Still, this is one... unusual game that needs to be experienced, even if only in the free demo.

Click here to download the free trial of Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies on iTunes -->

Will you try this hilarious clone of Plants vs Zombies on your iPhone or iPad? If you tried it out, what do you think of the gameplay? Can it stack up to PopCap's masterpiece? Sound off in the comments.

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