Operation CrossCounter is like Buddy Rush, but with lasers and robots

Operation CrossCounter
Operation CrossCounter

Alright, so we lied. Operation CrossCounter, the brand new multiplatform social role-playing game from Buddy Rush maker Sollmo, is way different from its predecessor. For one, how does real-time, three-player multiplayer between iPhone, iPad, Android and web browsers sound? Better yet, the game is less than a month out--it launches on iOS April 26.

In Operation CrossCounter, you must fight alongside friends to defend the galaxy from an alien race of sentient machines known as the Goruken. The game employs the same isometric view as Buddy Rush, the developer's cutesy, fantasy-themed social RPG. However, Operation CrossCounter looks way more intense--but still adorable--with cel-shaded 3D visuals.

While the game doesn't launch until late April, interested players can sign up for a closed beta test that runs April 6 through April 19. Soon after the game hits iOS, Android and web players will get to experience the three unique worlds in Operation CrossCounter as well as its War Situation System, which adapts the game's world to players' mission results. Neat-o. Check the trailer below:

Psyched enough about Operation CrossCounter to sign up for the closed beta? Will real-time, cross-platform multiplayer become a trend? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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