Crysis maker gets soft on us, lets Fibble loose on iPhone, iPad [Video]

Fibble iPhone iPad
Fibble iPhone iPad

When you look at game like Fibble: Flick and Roll, who do you imagine created it? Maybe Rovio finally branched out, or EA signed on a smaller studio to make it. We bet the last game maker you'd expect to be behind it is Crytek, the Frankfurt, Germany-based creator of hit hyper-realistic shooter series Crysis. You know, the unofficial benchmark for PC games?

Alas, here we are with yet another confirmation that we couldn't be in stranger times in the game industry. Fibble is a full-3D, cutesy puzzle game that looks to combine an Angry Birds-like play mechanic with levels reminiscent of Marble Madness or Super Monkey Ball. The end result is a puzzler that seems to feed on impulsive, completionist gamers in an adorable, entertaining way.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Crytek game without gorgeous graphics, something the developer somehow squeezes into what's clearly a game geared toward an entirely new audience for the studio. However, unlike most casual iPhone and iPad games, it's certainly not free. Judging by how successful freemium has been elsewhere, that could change, but see if the play footage below is enough to sway you.

Click here to download Fibble on iPhone for $1.99 and on iPad for $4.99 Now >

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