Plow your way to success with triple mastery in FarmVille

Earlier this month, FarmVille celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a double mastery weekend; however, all things apparently didn't go as planned, and many users weren't able to take advantage of the offer. To make up for this (and to help celebrate Player Appreciation Week across our farms), Zynga has turned on another mastery event, but it has skipped doubling it altogether. For the next two days, you can now enjoy triple mastery across all of your farms!

That's right, from now until Friday evening at 9PM Pacific, you'll earn three times the normal amount of mastery points on each individual crop or tree harvested. Unfortunately, this event doesn't apply to animals, but you'll still be able to make plenty of progress on your favorite trees or crops to earn more stars, XP, coins and mastery signs to display along the way.

Remember, this event is extremely limited, so you'll want to play on all five of your farms as much as possible this week to make plenty of progress. Good luck mastering a few items across your farms!

What sorts of crops and trees will you try to master during this Triple Mastery event in FarmVille? Share your plans with us in the comments!