FarmVille Pic of the Day: Angry Birds come to roost at Onisuka057's farm

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While this Angry Birds hay bale art in FarmVille is cause for giddiness, fans are definitely going to get the feeling that something's missing -- because the creator, Onisuka057, who was smart enough to pull off such a large design, and include the Green Pigs, actually forgot about Blue Bird! Instead, he created a smaller Red Bird instead. What a strange oversight! And it's not like FarmVille doesn't have blue hay bales he could've used.

For the rest of the piece, the characters are situated on what looks like a field of Barley crops. Underneath that is a row of stacked Brown Fences. I'm going to assume that this is meant to be a forest, so the birds and the pigs are nesting on treetops. Or it might be a basket, cause the creator's avatar is dressed in a Pink Rabbit costume and those birds are looking really egg-like to me. Then again, it could be because Easter's not that far off.

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