Game responsibly: Captain's Conquest plunders iPhone, Android

Captain's Conquest iPhone Android
Captain's Conquest iPhone Android

Admit it: You've drunkenly stumbled into a late night arcade to play video games before--responsibly, of course. Now, Captain Morgan wants you to drink in the safety of your own home and play his game. That's right, the scraggly-looking guy on the popular spiced rum bottles has his own free-to-play iPhone and Android game, Captain's Conquest.

It's common for properties like movies and comic books to get there own video games, but we'd say liquor is somewhat new to the branded games world. Created by award-winning UK-based digital creative production company Unit 9, Captain's Conquest has players command their own pirate ship that has an interesting (if unrealistic) relationship with social media.

The size of a player's given vessel depends on their influence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. This directly affects players' naval battle prowess, and ultimately, their rank among other players. It's a location-based game, meaning Captain's Conquest players can see other players' ships in their direct vicinity via GPS and send some canon balls into their hulls, if they're so inclined.

Of course, the game features prominent Captain's Morgan branding throughout, as one would expect from a branded game. But Unit 9 takes it one step further with the ability for players to scan physical Captain Morgans bottles for rewards. Hey, we already know that decent branded mobile games are possible, so we say it's worth the free download to see if it lives up to captain's orders. (We couldn't resist.)

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