Milla Jovovich blames The Sims for her goofy, hipster-style haircut

Milla Jovovich The Sims haircut
Milla Jovovich The Sims haircut

We have another The Sims addict in out midst. Model and star of the Resident Evil films Milla Jovovich admitted to InStyle that she's strangely addicted to The Sims. In fact, she's so hooked on the games that she modeled her newest hairdo after the one she gives all of her in-game characters.

"I have a strange addiction to The Sims," Jovovich told InStyle at a Restoration Hardware event in Los Angeles. "All my Sims wind up with this haircut, and it's always a house full of really hot chicks. I thought, 'Obviously I want this haircut because I keep picking it out.'"

Maybe we're not in with the fashion world, but that do looks downright silly. Honestly, she's one buzz away from a Skrillex, and only famous dubstep producers and hipsters can get away with that. And now for the ultimate question: Can you rock a hipster haircut like this in The Sims Social? Sadly, no, but given that Rock Star is now a career choice in the Facebook game, we're sure you could take this to the Playfish forums. Don't be surprised to see this do crop up in your local dive bar any day now.

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