The Hunger Games Adventures are on, open for all March 30 [Video]

The Hunger Games Adventures trailer
The Hunger Games Adventures trailer

Finally, The Hunger Games Adventures are a-go. When Funtactix's social game adaptation of the blockbuster hit film, The Hunger Games, failed to launch on opening day of the movie, the likelihood of the game releasing at all was questioned. Now, sister site Moviefone has confirmed that The Hunger Game Adventures is set to launch in open beta on March 30.

In other words, Funtactix's branded social game will go live on March 30 for all to play. We're sure most fans of The Hunger Games will be there primarily to see the first-ever map of Panem. Better yet, Moviefone has scored an exclusive trailer of the game in action, something only those with access to the closed beta test can see.

We already knew that The Hunger Games Adventures took on an isometric, FarmVille-esque perspective and art style. But now we know that the game sports some pseudo-3D visuals and animations, which certainly puts it miles ahead of competing simulator-style Facebook games. If you want access right now, check out how to make it happen over at Moviefone. In the meantime, ogle at the trailer below.

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