DIY Queen Martha Stewart makes her own kingdom in CastleVille today

Martha Stewart CastleVilleSo, you've seen the login screen and you've even caught an early look at the quests. Now, it's a reality: Martha Stewart has made her video game debut in CastleVille. Thanks to a promotion between Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Zynga, the star of all things do-it-yourself has broken into the world of CastleVille in a big way, and she's loving it.

"I love playing games, but I love being in a game even more. Turning my personal domain into an imaginary and fanciful kingdom is not only fun for me and the players of CastleVille, but a clever way to share my particular style of living with an interactive and creative audience," Stewart said in a release. "I'm thrilled to have an opportunity to encourage my fans to take a little break in their day to play." (Now, we wonder if she said this before or after she saw her avatar in-game.)

Players will get to interact with the Zyngafied Martha on their game board and visit her custom-made kingdom as they complete Martha-themed quests, like so. Interestingly enough, the DIY Queen's kingdom was modeled after her Bedford, Conn. home. It's the largest building created yet in CastleVille, packing new animals like Friesian Horses, Araucana Chickens and Black Sheep and new flowers--Black Orchids and White Tulips.
CastleVille Spring Picnic quests
Players will have until mid-April to finish the daunting Martha Stewart quests. That's comforting, but a mere drop in the bucket compared to the 2 billion quests players have finished since the game's launch last November, according to Zynga. Showoffs.

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