Bugs Bunny, Tweety and gang are available for rent in Farmerama

Farmerama Looney Tunes
Farmerama Looney Tunes

The Looney Tunes are available for rent in Farmerama, Bigpoint's very own social farming simulator. This admittedly weird promotion, titled "Rent the Looney Tunes," is all thanks to a partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Bigpoint. From late March through June 30, players will get to interact with and recruit various Looney Tunes characters to bring them daily gifts.

Players can now hire Bugs Bunny, Speedy Gonzales, Roadrunner, Tweety and Sylvester the Cat for free in-game gifts to hang out on their farms and shower them with presents. We're kind of bummed about Warner Bros. and Bigpoint leaving Foghorn Leghorn out of the equation, especially since, you know, he lives on a farm.

Anyway, the upcoming Easter event in Farmerama will also be decked out in Looney Tunes style, and that's just the beginning for Warner Bros. and Bigpoint. The two plan to incorporate the Looney Tunes into Farmerama throughout Summer 2012. Now, put your speculation caps on: Maybe this has something to do the recently-registered Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe domains, and Warner Bros. looks to vet Bigpoint as a potential partner for the social game. Th-th-th-that's all, folks ... for now.

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