FarmVille Easter Sundae: Everything you need to know

's Easter collection event has now started rolling out to farmers everywhere, giving you a chance to place the decorative Easter Sundae item on one of your farms, allowing you to collect Ice Cream that can then be used to earn one of six limited edition items. Taking a step backwards from previous collection events, there appears to only be one item to collect in this event - just Ice Cream - rather than multiple items that are redeemed for multiple types of prizes.

Here, there are six prizes up for grabs, each requiring more and more Ice Cream than the last:

  • 10 Ice Cream - Waffle Fence

  • 50 Ice Cream - Ice Cream Sundae Tree

  • 60 Ice Cream - Ice Cream Gnome

  • 70 Ice Cream - Chocolate Syrup Waterfall

  • 130 Ice Cream - Sundae Horse

  • 150 Ice Cream - Ice Cream Dragon

As you might expect, you can ask your friends to send you this ice cream daily, or you can also purchase some with Farm Cash. Additionally, you can collect from your Candy Castle once per day to receive different amounts of ice cream based on how large you've expanded that particular building.

This feature will likely only last throughout the month of April, so you'll want to make sure and collect as many scoops of ice cream as possible while you know you still can so that you can earn as many of these items as possible for your farms. Good luck earning enough ice cream to have at least one of everything!

What do you think of the Easter Sundae feature in FarmVille? Which of the six prizes are you most looking forward to having on your farm(s)? Sound off in the comments.