Head into CityVille's Downtown expansion early for City Cash

If you're a high roller in CityVille, that has reached at least level 20 in your game's progress, you'll now have the option of unlocking CityVille's Downtown expansion early - if you're willing to pay the price, that is. Certain players are being offered the chance to buy their way into CityVille Downtown at a rate of as much as 150 City Cash. If you're willing to shell out that kind of cash, you'll need to also dedicate a ton of land space to this new "portal" or expansion: two whole land expansions' worth of space, to be specific.

Once your Downtown portal has been placed, you'll find that this "city within a city" feature comes complete with new goals to complete, new community buildings in the art and leisure categories and new premium businesses that rely on Premium Goods (generated in your Factory) to operate. Many of the game's features items won't carry over into Downtown (mostly functional items like the Dam, Islands, Rent Collector, Bridge, etc.), but your energy, population and of course City Cash and coins will carry over.

You'll be able to upgrade and expand the space within your Downtown portal without taking up any extra room in your main game by increasing its "Downtown Value." This is a stat similar to population, and most buildings will now come with a Downtown Value stat, in addition to basic population or rent stats (in the case of residences, as one example). Of course, this Downtown Value will only matter if you're actually placing the building in your Downtown portal. As you expand and grow your Downtown portal (which also requires Zoning Permits), the Downtown expansion itself will offer you a larger and larger payout bonus, giving you plenty of incentive to keep growing.

Again, this feature is only on a slow rollout to CityVille players, and only then to those that are willing to pay the big bucks to actually get in. We imagine that free access will roll out to all players over the next few weeks, so in the meantime, make sure to clear out a big enough chunk of land to be able to hold this massive new expansion in your town!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Will you pay such a large amount of City Cash to get into Downtown early, or will you wait for free access to roll out to all users? Sound off in the comments!