Spring is in bloom in CastleVille; decorate now with new items


While Martha Stewart may be the latest craze in CastleVille this week, don't forget that Spring has sprung in the entire game, allowing you to purchase a variety of decorations, avatar clothing items and more for your Kingdom. Some items cost Crowns, while others cost coins or Reputation Hearts. As usual, we're here with a complete look at the new Spring themed items in the CastleVille marketplace, which will only be available for a limited time.

Queen Bee Skirt - 7 Crowns
Queen Bee Tunic - 6 Crowns
Stone Path - 5 Reputation Hearts
Spring Banner - 6 Crowns (worth 3 Castle Points)
Araucana Chicken - 5 Crowns
Rustic Fence - 500 coins
Black Friesian Horse - 22 Crowns
Black Orchid - 500 coins

Black Sheep - 9 Crowns
Lavender - 750 coins
Potted Black Orchid - 2 Crowns
Potted Bush - 8 Reputation Hearts
Spring Bouquet - 1,000 coins
White Table and Chair - 3 Crowns

If you're looking for more Easter-specific items rather than those dealing with Spring, they unfortunately haven't launched in the store... yet. As usual, we'll be on the lookout for any new additions to the store that you should be aware of, so keep checking back with us for everything you need to know about CastleVille on Facebook!

What do you think of these Spring-themed items in CastleVille? Which ones will you purchase, and which will you pass on altogether? Sound off in the comments.