8 Bizarre Teacher Scandals You Won't Believe

Teacher scandals
Teacher scandals

Here at AOL Jobs, our RSS feeds are filled daily with teachers doing wild, wacky, frightening and upsetting things. The teacher scandals can be roughly divided into three categories:

Sexually abusive or creepy (by far the most common).

Feces and urine going places feces and urine shouldn't go.

Being really mean.

It made us think: Do teachers really do wild, wacky, frightening and upsetting things more than people in other professions?

Danny Vice, the editor of The Weekly Vice, perhaps the most comprehensive online catalogue of teacher transgressions, doesn't think so. "Believe me, it happens just as much outside the classroom," he says. "Anything that involves children gets our attention. If one adult made another adult pee in a bucket, that might make the local news, but it's not going national."

Check out eight of the most disturbing teacher stories of the past few years, and let us know what you think. If these involved adults instead of children, would they make the news at all? What weird stuff goes on inside your office -- which never makes the media spotlight?