The Hunger Games Adventures fails to venture out of closed beta

The Hunger Games Adventures
The Hunger Games Adventures

We won't even joke about it: You already know that The Hunger Games opened in theaters this weekend. You might also know that the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins's famous novel is the third biggest opening weekend in box office history. And yet developer Funtactix's The Hunger Games Adventures for Facebook is yet to be found outside of closed beta.

With such an impressive opening weekend and a timely mobile game assembled by a dream team of developers, it's bewildering, frankly. The branded social game, expected to launch on March 23, was set to be Funtactix's largest release yet and even promised The Hunger Games fans a look at the first-ever map of Panem. Regardless of how well the game played, at least it had that tidbit to draw fans of the books in with.

But here we are, with only a select few players able to play the closed beta test of The Hunger Games Adventures. As Gamezebo points out, the movie's biggest buzz period is well behind us with opening weekend. This understandably raises plenty of questions. Does the game have technical issues? Has beta players' feedback stopped Funtactix from showing the game to the world? Who knows, but hopefully for both fans' and Funtactix's sake this delay doesn't last much longer.

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