Monster Galaxy maker gives Facebook its own anime with Soul Crash

Soul Crash on Facebook
Soul Crash on Facebook

And here you thought cheesy dialog and unnaturally large eyes were reserved for incomprehensible cartoons. Gaia Interactive, the studio behind Facebook hit Monster Galaxy, has entered the games publishing business with Soul Crash. A social game created by Korean developer PlayPlus, Soul Crash is essentially a fighting game on Facebook with a storyline akin to popular anime series like Naruto.

Unless you simply can't get enough Bleach or what have you, the story in Soul Crash is generally inconsequential, but woven throughout the game. Players assume the role of a weakened warrior in search of repairing his or her soul, which amounts to how powerful they are in battle. But really, it's a plot device to explain the play hook.

Fighting is generally a passive, asynchronous experience--but only for a few seconds. Fighters attack each other automatically, but gain Soul Orbs over time, which allow players to tag out their other fighters and unleash counters. Finally, if you charge up Soul Orbs, you can go nuts on the enemy with a Soul Crash, but timing is everything.

Ultimately Soul Crash focuses on action-packed combat rather than social features, the former of which it has in spades. Players can add their friends to their team to fight side-by-side asynchronously and visit them for bonuses--pretty standard stuff. If you seek something completely different on Facebook (albeit with a tiny display), then look no further than Soul Crash.

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