Marvel Avengers Alliance gets an unlikely team-up with Norton Security

Norton Captain America
For Marvel, it's been out with one Norton and in with another. Following two years of disputes between Marvel and actor Ed Norton over his role as The Incredible Hulk, we now have Norton Internet Security becoming a promotional partner of Marvel's films to the rallying cry of "Assemble the Ultimate Protection". Seeing the Norton logo stamped on everything from behind-the-scenes footage of Captain America to interviews with the Avengers film crew is strange to say the least. But these videos are some high-quality offerings. In exchange, the Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook game recently came out with a new giftable item for players -- the Norton Shield.
Norton Shield Marvel Avengers Alliance
So it's free, but what good is it? Well, according to players, the Norton Shield works "like Iron-man's Level 6 Deflector Shield, Invisible Woman's Level 6 Force Field" and "removes negative states (like Poisoned, Burning etc)". I've also noticed that the more health your character has, the more health the shield will give you. I personally used it in my fight against Magneto and it did a good job of protecting my agent from his physical attacks. If there's enough health around, it's meant to last you for three turns. As for the rest, it offers a PVP bonus of +15 in Attack, +31 in Defense, and sells for 10 Silver.

And yes, players have already made jokes that if Norton Shield worked like the real thing, using it will make you character lag "in a permanent state of Slow."

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