March Madness Facebook Game Faceoff 2012: Round 3

facebook game faceoff round 3
facebook game faceoff round 3

Round 2 of's March Madness Facebook Game Faceoff 2012 ended with some major upsets: Diamond Dash edges out Tetris Battle by a mere 51 votes. Bubble Island blows past Words with friends with a few hundred votes and Angry Birds smokes the Facebook version of the world's hottest mobile game, OMGPop's Draw Something. And Bejeweled Blitz, PopCap's match 3 game, looks like it might be the favorite in this year's competition.

But, Round 3 might change everything. Get out there and vote for your favorite game before these polls close on Friday at Noon EST. The championship round will kick off on Friday at 5 p.m. and will run all weekend until Monday at noon, where the winner will be officially be crowned as THE Best Facebook game of 2012.

What are you waiting for -- VOTE!

Two of the most recognized names in this competition go head-to-head in this match-up. Both are also well-known mobile games, but there can only be one winner. Will Bejeweled blitz into the championships or will the Bird take flight? You decide.

To say it's a surprise that this duo make it this far is an understatement. How did they manage to make it past all of those Zynga games? Looks like the fans rallied and now it's bubbles take on diamonds in this match-up.