Zynga goes dungeon diving again through Mob Science's KingWorld

Mob Science
Mob Science

Remember when Zynga was reportedly working on a fantasy role-playing game called Kingdoms & Quests? Well, that's probably not going to happen, but thanks to Zynga.com, signed-on developer Mob Science looks to pick up the slack. Inside Social Games reports that Mob Science will release a fantasy RPG on Zynga.com, thanks to a cool $1 million in funding.

The extra cash flow comes from angel investors like Joyent CEO David Young and GameSpy Industries founder Mark Surfa, ISG reports, and Mob Science looks to inject that money into its new game and at least four more employees. But back to this social RPG. It's tentatively known as KingWorld, according to ISG.

Mob Science CEO Michael Witz also told ISG that KingWorld will target the "mid-core" market and be playable on Zynga.com. That means that KingWorld's target audience will be somewhere between Kabam's strategy games and Zynga's Empires & Allies.

Unless you count something like E&A, KingWorld will be Zynga's first relatively hardcore social game in a long time. In fact, Zynga used to own a few game in this "mid-core" market, like Warstorm, but has since killed them off due to poor performance. It's refreshing to see Zynga already taking risks with Zynga.com, especially considering the developer's pedigree in all things casual. We'll see soon enough whether KingWorld successfully sends Zynga in a new direction.

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