Hidden Chronicles Gardening Storage: Everything you need to know

With all of the decorations that you could potentially have placed on the grounds of your Manor in Hidden Chronicles (on top of the buildings you're required to construct for quests), it's safe to say that you might be running out of room for more items. Since you're limited to the number of scenes you can explore based on the number of Estate Points your Manor has, you'll need all of the space you can get for these items. This leaves us at a bit of a brick wall, as you might struggle to expand your Manor while still not having any room to unlock more scenes. To solve this problem, you can now place a Gardening Storage shed on your Manor, which will allow you to store up to 16 different items once its built.

The key here is the "building" portion of this feature, as you'll need to collect construction materials before you can actually use it. You'll need to ask your friends to send you five each of Acrylic Sheets, Glass Cutters, Sandpaper and Tar Paper, and will also need to post general requests on your wall for five Ladders and five Watering Cans.

When this is done, you'll have a new icon available when you click on the Arrow in the game's lower right-hand menu (the button you would click on if you wanted to sell, rotate or move something in your Manor). Now, a new Store icon will allow you to use one of your 16 storage spaces per individual item, regardless of its size. There's no word yet on whether or not storage expansions will come to this Gardening Storage shed, but hopefully, 16 spaces is enough to get you by for now.

Good luck completing your Gardening Storage shed and clearing up that much needed room on your land!

What do you think of this new storage option in Hidden Chronicles? Had you ran out of room long ago for new items, or will you just build one of these in anticipation of eventually needing to free up some space? Sound off in the comments.