FarmVille Pic of the Day: Rainbows put the hex on us at Toulin's farm

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Eye-grabbing, isn't it? Those honeycombed rainbows are so simple, yet impossible to look away from.FarmVille farms generally fall in two major categories: abstract and landscape. The best of landscapes arrest you with their breath-taking vistas. But Toulin Kmh's farm today, is the epitome of abstract perfection.

With just hay bales, Toulin has managed to create a very striking first impression and when you look at his farm closely, you'll see that it's highly organized as well. Twenty-five hexagons of equal size were built using all the available space he had. Out of those, two are used to house the game's initials "F" and "V". Seven are used for the rainbow polygons. Six are used for crops, while the rest are free-standing exhibits of his decor collection. Moreover, everything is arranged by color.

Do you prefer landscape to abstract farms like this?
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