CastleVille Spring Picnic Quests: Everything you need to know

Martha Stewart CastleVille
Spring is officially here in CastleVille, and so is Martha Stewart--wait what? Yes, and it's no joke: Martha Stewart will soon arrive in Zynga's medieval take on FrontierVille. But this isn't just some branding promotion. According to extremely early information from CastleVille Helper, Martha will bring with her a hefty series of quests. In fact, there are a whopping 12 to complete in total.

In this branded quest series, players will visit Martha's very own kingdom and help her out with various tasks to prepare to make Spring great in CastleVille. The quests will also enter players into a sweepstakes in which they can win Exploration Crystals, a New Horse or up to 1,000 Crowns. But let's get to the good stuff. Here's everything you need to know about the Spring Picnic Quests [Ed Note: This is extremely early, incomplete information and is subject to change.]:

Meet Martha
  • Visit Martha, your new neighbor
  • Perform X actions in Martha's kingdom

Unfortunately, none of the amounts of actions or items required for each quest have been confirmed yet, hence the "X"'s you'll find littered through this guide. Martha will appear in your Neighbor Bar once the promotion goes live.

Everything's OK
  • Place and build the Gazebo
  • Get X sheets of Crepe Paper
  • Craft X Dye Kits to make Easter Eggs

The Gazebo will be in your inventory once this promotion launches, but you'll need to collect the materials to build it. Crepe Paper comes from requesting it from your neighbors. Dye Kits are crafted in the Studio, and each requires 10 Red Feathers (found from clicking Adult Peacocks) and two Alchemist Powders, which come from visiting friends.

Spring Arrives
  • Craft X Lemonade
  • Craft objects in the Gazebo to fill your Spring Spirit meter
  • Have a Pavilion to host a Spring Party

Lemonade is crafted in the Gazebo, which isn't in the game yet. Each object you craft in the Gazebo will add points to your Spring Spirit Meter, which will also be added as part of this promotion. The Pavilion costs 5,000 coins in the Market.

Decorating Eggs
  • Gather X Eggs
  • Get X Cork Boards
  • Craft the Picnic Wagon in the Pavilion and place it to start the party

Click on Adult Chickens to get Eggs. Cork Boards must be requested from your neighbors. Place the Picnic Wagon in your Kingdom to start a party. The Picnic Wagon must be an item that comes with the promotion, so unfortunately there's no information on this just yet.
CastleVille Martha Stewart Sweepstakes
Picnic in the Sun
  • Craft a Rocking Chair
  • Craft a Giant Golden Egg
  • Visit X neighbors' Spring Parties

Rocking Chairs and Giant Golden Eggs are crafted in the Pavilion, but information is unavailable. The Neighbor Bar will indicate who is hosting a party once this update goes live, and luckily visits to Martha count toward this task.

Spring Decor
  • Place X Spring decorations to give your kingdom a festive air
  • Craft X Easter Eggs
  • Craft a Silk Banner

Spring decorations will be available in the Market for a limited time when this feature launches. Easter Eggs and Silk Banners are crafted in the Pavilion, though no information is available on them yet.

A Superb Brunch
  • Get X Table Linens
  • Craft objects in the Gazebo to unlock Brunch
  • Have a Brunch Party

Table Linens must be requested from your neighbors, while the Brunch will unlock when you have enough Spring Spirit points, a feature we won't see until the Martha quests officially arrive. Craft a Brunch Wagon in the Pavilion and place it in your Kingdom to start the party, though additional information is unknown.

Scrambled and Unscrambled
  • Craft X Quiches
  • Have X Scrambled Eggs

Quiches and Scrambled Eggs are crafted in the Gazebo--these are two new recipes that will arrive along with Martha. For now, it's unknown how to create them.
CastleVille Martha Stewart
Between the Walls
  • Feed X Chickens
  • Harvest X Carrots
  • Craft Bunny Pants

Click on Chickens to feed them. Carrots take 1 hour to mature, and cost 50 coins apiece. Bunny Pants are crafted in the Pavilion, but aren't available yet.

Hundreds of Eggs
  • Collect X Araucana Eggs
  • Craft a Bunny Shirt
  • Harvest X Wheat

Araucanas are a species of domestic fowl that must be slated to land in CastleVille with this update. You can buy them in the Market or find them in Martha's kingdom. The Bunny Shirt is crafted in the Pavilion--again, this is unavailable. Wheat takes 24 hours to mature, and costs 100 coins apiece.

Leaps and Bounds
  • Get X Chocolate Bunny Molds
  • Craft X Chocolate Bunnies
  • Craft Bunny Ears

Chocolate Bunny Molds will be requested from your neighbors, while Chocolate Bunnies will be crafted in the Gazebo. Bunny Ears are crafted in the Pavilion. These will all arrive in the Martha update.

The Banquet
  • Craft objects in the Gazebo to unlock the Spring Banquet
  • Craft the Banquet Wagon
  • Visit X Neighbors' Parties

Visits to Martha count for this quest, luckily. The Banquet will unlock when you have enough Spring Spirit points, another feature exclusive to this update. Craft a Banquet Wagon in the Pavilion and place it in your Kingdom to start the party (also upcoming). The Neighbor Bar will indicate who is hosting a party for this feature. Finally, you'll be entered to win either more Exploration Crystals, a new steed or a cool 1,000 Crowns.

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