Poll: Does Martha Stewart in CastleVille ruin the fantasy?

According to plenty of vocal players on the official CastleVille forums, and even here on our site, the answer is a resounding yes. Today, we learned of an unusual cross-promotion in Zynga's CastleVille, which will see the home decorating diva come to the game for Spring with a set of 12 different quests to complete. While the idea might seem entirely innocent (let's not forget that arguably bigger celebrities have come to other Zynga games - like Lady Gaga in FarmVille), Martha's ... questionable past and history with the law has many players up in arms.

Zynga forums user mgk1144 shares the feelings of many players: "If their [sic] going to pick someone they should have chosen someone with a better reputation at least." While past choices may be the major influence of many players' annoyance, perhaps forums user skizzard says it best: "[CastleVille's] theme is medieval fairy tales. A modern celebrity doesn't belong. [It] disrupts the fantasy of the game."

This left us to wonder: is Martha Stewart's appearance in CastleVille really a deal breaker? With so many players already claiming that they'll quit playing the game altogether if this promotion actually goes through (or will at least stop playing while the promotion is active), it leaves us to wonder if Zynga really did make the right decision with this partnership. I suppose only time will tell, but you can be sure we'll keep our eyes on the game's numbers to see just how many players abandon their Kingdoms for other pastures.

In the meantime, let us know how you feel in our quick poll:

Well, what do you think? Are fans' intense responses to this cross-promotion an over-reaction, or are their intense feelings the only reasonable way to feel? Which way did you vote in our poll? Sound off in the comments.