Cafe World: Play Zynga Slingo to cook your dishes in a flash

Yet another cross-promotion has launched for Zynga Slingo in another of the company's games: Cafe World. This one requires you to earn - you guessed it - 30 Medals in Zynga Slingo in order to earn two prizes back in your cafe.

As a refresher, Zynga Slingo combines slot machines and bingo cards, but since each game takes so many energy to play, this particular promotion might actually take you a day or two to complete (that is, earning 30 Medals isn't exactly a fast process). However, once you've earned 30 Medals, you won't have to earn anymore Medals to take advantage of this Cafe World promotion, or any of the similar promotions launched in other games over the past few weeks.

Once you've completed your part of the bargain, you'll receive a 50% Lightning Stove and a six pack of Spices for your cafe. Sure, the Spices might be nice, but I think the ability to cook a long dish twice as fast (say, a two-day dish that now only takes a single day to cook) is a pretty great incentive, don't you? We'll make sure to let you know what other sorts of prizes you can expect across Zynga's games, so keep checking back!

What do you think of this particular Zynga Slingo promotion? Have you already earned your 30 Medals, or have you just now started to play the game? Sound off in the comments.