Game of the Day: Rollercoaster Revolution - 99 Tracks

rollercoaster revolution game of the day
This Game of the Day is an action-packed thrill-fest. In Rollercoaster Revolution, you'll experience tracks that will challenge you at every turn. The full game is packed with power-ups, ghost race, multiplayer mode, and 99 tracks of high-speed fun! Watch out for water hazards, caves, falling tracks, huge jumps, loops and drops in a rollercoaster game like no other!.

Rollercoaster Revolution is a blast. Usually I prefer puzzle games, but I make an exception for this action game. Rollercoaster Revolution: 99 Tracks is a ton of fun, but it's also pretty hard. If you're like me, all you want to do is hold down that right arrow key, and blast through every level at high speeds. But to get the highest score possible, you're going to have to carefully slow down to avoid drops, and time jumps to get those hard to reach items. Think you're up for the challenge? Check out Rollercoaster Revolution: 99 Tracks below.

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rollercoaster revolution game of the dayrollercoaster revolution game of the day
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