Digital Chocolate unleashes Gangs of Boomtown on Facebook

For the last month, Digital Chocolate's Gangs of Boomtown has only been available to play over on Google+, but if you've always wanted to get your hands on this story of revenge and spaghetti westerns while actually having a large audience of players to interact with, you can now do so from the comfort of your Facebook profile, as the game's exclusivity to Google's social network has now ended.

Gangs of Boomtown retains the gameplay you may have tried over on Google+, allowing you to seek revenge against a gang of assassins that destroyed your family. But don't worry if you've already made progress on the game's original home - you'll still be greeted with "new features and missions" there, says Marc Metis, Digital Chocolate's President, via a company press release.

Of course, if you do wish to play the game on Facebook you will need to start from scratch, but as Google+ still hasn't been able to really scratch the surface of what it takes to dethrone Facebook as the social gaming giant that it is, you'll likely catch up to your original save state and pass it by in no time flat thanks to all of the additional players available to you. Either way, get ready to grab your gun and head into the wild west across more platforms in Gangs of Boomtown, thanks to Digital Chocolate.

Click here to play Gangs of Boomtown on Facebook --->

Have you tried Gangs of Boomtown on either Google+ or Facebook? What do you think of the game thus far? Sound off in the comments.

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