FarmVille Mystery Game (03/25/12): Bring the tropics to your farm with new animals

This week's Mystery Game in FarmVille offers you a chance to add some tropical fun to your farm(s) with the launch of some tropical Rainforest themed animals. As usual, there are six prizes available to win through this event, along with one special prize that will be rewarded to all users who earn at least one of the aforementioned six. This week's Mystery Game costs 20 Farm Cash per dart to play, but remember that if you complete the current Zynga Slingo cross promotion, you could earn three darts for free.

Once you start throwing darts at the board, you'll have a chance at winning the following, according to FarmVille Freak.

  • Dodo

  • Jaguar

  • Lar Gibbon

  • Orchid Sheep

  • Orchid Unicorn

  • Poison Dart Frog

Again, if you can walk away with at least one of all six of these items, you'll also earn a special Golden Collar Macaw (a decorative bird) as a free gift. Just remember that this could end up being a very costly endeavor, as you'll likely end up with duplicates along the way (meaning that you'll also waste those darts or Farm Cash in the process). Good luck if you're going for one of each of these animals!

What do you think of this week's prizes in the Mystery Game? Did you throw any darts at the board? Which items did you win? Let us know in the comments.